Gatekeeper - Demo

What can I say? I'm feeling nostalgic today. Gatekeeper was a vegan straight edge hardcore band from Syracuse in the mid 90's. Similar to other bands at the time, Gatekeeper had a very metallic sound laced with guitar chugs and pinch harmonics.

The main thing you'll notice about Gatekeeper is their vocals. They're not the typical shout or yell that was so prevalent in this type of music. Instead, vocalist Shane Durgee (who would go on to sing in Framework, in addition to becoming a novelist) has opted to keep things on a gritty, yet melodic, end of things.

There's some great moments of double bass and blast beats here, that may not have been as common back then, but seem to be the standard for today. For the most part Gatekeeper keeps things in the mid tempo range and emphasizes the chugging guitar as it's weapon of choice. Lyrically, all four of these songs talk about the struggle for animal rights. The recording quality could probably use an update, but it captures the time well. Have a listen:

1. Filth
2. One Million Incisions
3. The Flames of Salvation
4. Vigilante