Good Luck - Without Hesistation

Good Luck is an indie band from Indianapolis. At first listen I was getting a huge Weakerthans vibe. This was probably due to the high, animated vocals. As the album goes on things get a little varied and there are times they're reminding me of The Screaming Females or perhaps even Mates of State.

The production on the record is great for this style. The guitar is slightly over driven and has a very direct sound. The drums have just that right amount of reverb, while the bass subtly moves in the back of the mix.

"All Good People" starts the record off with a long guitar/vocal pairing that carries the song for the first minute. This is where the Weakerthans comparison probably hit me the most. The drums sneak in along with some bass guitar the locks a stop/start groove with the drums well. The chorus is absolutely catchy and on their first run the band puts a great taste in your mouth. "The Others" has a nice upbeat feeling to it, that has some definite technical proficiency going on under the hood. It's subtle and I think that's what makes it all the more worthwhile. "The Others" and it's follow up track, "Novel Figure" spotlight some female fronted vocals, and I find myself enjoying this format a little better than the previous vocal work. This woman's voice is strong and articulate, casting a great sense of power onto the music. The whirling guitar work at the 2:30 mark adds some nice character to bring the song to it's last chorus.

"Decider" slows things downs and every time the vocalist would throw out a "Woah oh woah" I would find myself thinking of something like Mates of State or Matt and Kim. The noodly guitar work is interesting on this one and some subtle use of piano keeps things succeeding where others would fail on something like this. Even more subdued, "A Song To Comfort the Sick" begins with that soaring female vocals over some quiet acoustic guitar. At about 25 seconds in, the drums and bass blast in and the dynamic is totally changed. I have to admit I was itching to just hear an all acoustic tune that spotlighted those vocals.

"Contact" returns you to the Weakerthans sound in a big way. "The Story, Rewritten" save us with more of those strong vocals over some very interesting instrumentation with great, catchy melodies. "Impossible" takes a much faster turn, uncharacteristic of the band, but somehow totally at home among these songs. The introduction of drum rolls and confident cymbal work is impressive and even when the song starts flying at 100 mph, there's still room for the band to execute some tricky and stylish accents. Another catchy chorus finds a place in this song and it seems this band can just write them with ease.

"Significant Day" begins with some great off time drums and well accented hits. The band creates a mid tempo verse/chorus dynamic using the creative drums to emphasize the chorus's effect. They bring things down to some crawling build ups before taking the some busy guitar to ride to the end.

Listen here.