Joey Molinaro - The Inalienable Dreamless

When I tell people that I like both hardcore and classical they often do a double take. While the aggression and anger of hardcore is an excellent positive outlet, the musicianship and technique involved with classical music always inspired me.

But what if you combined them? My favorite classical is the darker, foreboding type, like that of Bernard Herrmann's work for Alfred Hitchcock's films. In "The Inalienable Dreamless" Joey Molinaro creates something totally original mixing some raw aggression of percussion with sharp violin.

This is not soothing classical, it creates a very unsettling mood. The sound is comparable to Jerry Goldsmith's work on The Omen and Twilight Zone The Movie, but with just the use of violin and some percussion. I absolutely enjoyed these songs, the whole album was great from beginning to end. Molinaro has some previous work with a full band, but I found this to be more enjoyable for it's stripped down and classic qualities. Enjoy.

Check it out here.