La Corde - Unmarked

La Corde return with a much more refined version of their previous work. The band is still holding down the 80's new wave sound but the songwriting here seems a little more focused and tight. The production quality on this one does a much better job of translating the band's intentions, particularly with the guitar tones. In contrast to the self titled 7", this record is less muffled and packs more attack.

The band maintains their trademark sound of reverb heavy guitar and "angry Robert Smith" vocals, all backed by some steady drums and good, foundational bass work.

"Unmarked Doors" is a mid tempo jaunt with some catchy hooks and nice guitar work. It breaks at about 2:30 with rolling drums and atmospheric guitar before punching back in. "Virus" is a bit more aggressive in it's delivery. The drums break up the tempo nicely with some work during the verses that emphasize the choruses, adding to their urgency. It's a great dynamic and works well. At 2:25 the track is raging pretty hard and it was then I realized these guys have come a long way since that first 7".

I wasn't totally sure about La Corde when I reviewed the first record, but these songs have won me over.