Lord Snow - S/T

Finding out about Lord Snow is a funny story. My friend, Rob, said "Have you heard this band Lord Snow yet?". Me, judging the band by their name said "Really? That sounds like some silly stoner shit". Rob says, "No, you have to hear it.". So I did. Lord Snow is pretty awesome and I am once again learning that a silly name doesn't always equate to bad music.

Lord Snow is from Chicago and play a brand of melodic, chaotic hardcore that some people would probably describe as "screamo". I'm hearing influences of bands like Ampere and Portraits of Past, though the band is able to pull off their own unique sound with intermingling guitars, distorted female fronted vocals and busy drums.

"Teeth" and "Corrective Consciousness" really drew me in with their musicianship and interesting song structure. They subdue things for a bit at the beginning of "Natural Order" before going back to some of their trademark melodic chaos. "Detours Disguised" will once again show you the more subdued side, with it's gritty clean guitars and slow drums.

Lyrically, Lord Snow stays in abstracts though, once in a while revealing their premise. "It Is Known" closes the record with an excellent line: "We are stuck in institutions that are letting go of our goals".

The recording quality is not great, but I'm able to make out all the instrumentation. A better drum sound might translate this band's power a little more, but other than that, I can live with it. I think I'll be returning to this for future listens.

Listen to the whole thing here.