A Message From Your Author - February Review

February has come to a close on this Leap Year and I decided that I will start a new tradition as I finish my second solid month of record reviews. Every month I will take a look back on what I've written about and pick some of my favorites from that particular month. Call it a "best of", or just call it "Tom's compulsive need to categorize things". Either one works. By all means, please check out the rest of the reviews if you missed any. For all we know my opinion could mean close to nothing if our musical tastes are not on the same page. There's a lot of other good stuff this month, but these few are sticking with me. Here goes.

Discourse - Demo 2011.
Straight Edge hardcore from South Carolina, done in a non traditional way. Featuring mart lyrics and good musicanship.

Classics of Love - S/T
Ex members of Operation Ivy, some people can still play melodic punk the right way.

Samuel - Lives of Insects
After all this time it's still great. For fans of Texas is the Reason and early Get Up Kids.

Sled - Parasitic Host
If every d-beat band sounded like this, I might change my mind about not liking d-beat.

The Exelar - Witness Relocation Program
Still under rated, still excellent.

Michael Cantor- Bless all the Debris
Singer/songwriter who has managed to write an unforgettable stack of songs.

Trenchfoot - S/T
Great hardcore played by some very nice people. Interesting parts, great tone, it's all there.

Worlds - Give Me Shelter
This New Jersey hardcore band should play more shows and put out some more music.

Lord Snow - S/T
Perfectly crafted songs with an urgency that pulled me in. I've been listening to this pretty consistently as of late.