Mouse Ear - S/T 7"

Mouse Ear is a three piece hardcore band from Vancouver. Their sound sits somewhere between early 90's hardcore and some more high energy chaos.

"Mantra" opens the record with an exciting attack of drums and screams accenting some chord heavy guitar work. Here they remind me of some old 90's bands like Universal Order of Armageddon. "Apples" brings the listener back to a more subdued and slow place with palm muted guitars and restrained drums. They close the record with an acoustic piece named after their band. You get a contemplative effect much similar to how Worker (reviewed last week) used the introspective minimal guitar outro.

All in all we get a good snapshot of what this band can do musically and I can't say I'm disappointed. I can't wait to hear more from them. It seems Canada is a hotbed of musical activity for bands of this genre lately. Whatever they're doing up there, it's a good thing.

Check it out here.