Orion Pax - S/T

Orion Pax come to use from St. Louis and play a style of music that I really have trouble putting into any one category. Both of these songs break the 4 minute mark and carry an epic feel to them. Coupled with a melodic, introspective sound, the band translates some heavy song writing and takes you on a journey of ups and downs.

"Playing Hide and Seek With Meteors" takes a bit to get off it's feet due to the clean guitar intro. Though, the band executes a great sense of anticipation as the drums hammer some loud accents over the quiet guitar. at 1:22 the song kicks in to a very powerful discordant layer of chords. They had me thinking of Buried Inside here. The chaos is brought back down as the clean guitar goes into another run, this times with full instrumentation that builds up for quite a payoff. The song explodes again with a non stop flourish of cymbals and powerful attacks to bring us to quite an epic ending.

"Just Because We Can't Sing Doesn't Mean Our Voices Shouldn't Be Heard" launches with a more upbeat feel, still utilizing a clean guitar intro to create the explosive dynamic. When the song kicks in it's a mass of chaotic chords and layered vocals, all the while maintaining it's power and melody. The band nicely drops into a subdued mix of ringing guitars and shouted/talked vocals. This all leads to a break in the music where the guitar takes center stage and plots the band to return to another huge explosion of melody and power to close the song out. Lyrically, this song seemed to be the less abstract and easier to relate to; from what I can surmise this is about taking chances, even when there is the potential of failure.

The recording quality is a little rough on this one, but the mood is still translated well. I'd be interested to hear more of what this band has to offer in the future.

Listen to it here.