Pliant - S/T

Pliant features some former members of Host and Veloz, playing some tunes very similar to Host in some respects. The band is split between Amherst, MA and Washington DC, which, I would imagine would be a logistical nightmare.

Pliant stays in the d-beat neighborhood most of the time, but takes several detours that range from slow bruiting drones to some more metallic waltzes. The production has some grit to it and fits the band's music very well. The vocals have a strong sense to them and are delivered relentlessly.

"Can't Keep Up" opens the record up with a slow palm muted crawl that opens up into some large chords and crashing drums. 1 minute in the band takes you on their d-beat route, sprinkled with a few blast beats. The angry and aggressive atmosphere is translated well. The song closes up with a driving waltz accented with some discordant guitar. "No Substance" follows up with a slow intro with some very ugly chords adding to the dense sound. They blast forward into their d-beat frenzy, which takes you to the end of the track.

"Pressure Builds" made me realize the melodic sensibilities in this d-beat parts and how the drummer uses the hi hat and ride cymbal to break up the melodies quite well. Both "No End" and "Sickened" display the bands d-beat qualities well, but mix in moments of well placed breakdowns that drop in and get your head moving.

Things end with "Dead Weight". The song takes off fast, but about 30 seconds in the bass plots a gritty breakdown. When the rest of the band falls in there is sledgy mix and well held out vocals. This is definitely some well constructed music that shows you can play and fast angry while still being precise and calculated.

Listen to it here.