Put Under - Demo

Put Under is a new band from New Jersey that plays angry hardcore, similar to bands like Carry On mixed with a bit of Burn. The songs have some very differing tempos and the band tends to keep things interesting due to that. Lyrically the band seems to deal with disgust, misery and disappointment.

For me, the demo started off a tad underwhelming with the song "Bridge Burner". There's nothing bad about it necessarily, but the parts don't have that get up and go that I like for a first song. "Nine Cans" starts off similar but picks a bit more intensity toward the end as the music gets more urgent and angry.

"S.O.S" begins with some experimental musicianship that sounds an awful lot like slide guitar, while the China cymbal cranks away in the background. The chorus almost takes on a Breather Resist - esque vocal sound. This was definitely the most experimental track of the bunch, but also the absolute strongest and most interesting. If every song sounded like this I think I would be in love. There's sort of 108 meets Burn influence happening here and it leaves you wanting to hear more.

Listen to it here.