Quiet Arcs - Morphine Derivatives

Quiet Arcs are a 5 piece rock band from Philadelphia who infuse a bit of hardcore into their sound. At times I find myself comparing it to Swiz and other times the more subdued musicianship takes on a Drive Like Jehu sound (see some parts of "Deep Womb").

When the band is all out rocking or doing some interesting start/stop techniques things come off pretty well. There are times when this gets a little too rock and roll for me though. 2 minutes into "Deep Womb" the vocals have some lower accompaniment which create a very radio rock effect. The verses of "Friends With Strangers" had me comparing this band to mid 90's glam rock due to it's sassiness and flanger guitar.

I find the band's strength is in a song like "True Love Never Dies" which keeps things upbeat and moving. The intensity is pretty non stop on this track and trades in the tricks for some very raw aggression. The instrumental "Brother Bishop" creates an introspective feel, despite it's guitar solo, which seamed a tad out of place. The band finishes things up with "Grand Prix" which revisits more of the Drive Like Jehu guitar. 2 minutes in they slow things down with some airy guitar. The band kicks in with some melodic driving style and builds up to a conclusive, clean guitar.

Take a listen here.