Ravelin 7 - Kroku Po Zamrzle Rece

Ravelin 7 come to us from the Czech Republic. They play an interesting style of post hardcore (I think that's what you would call this), though I find myself comparing it to bands like Yage and Amanda Woodward at times. There's also some At The Drive In sounding moments in here that feature some nice melodic vocals and swirling guitar lines.

There's a nice use of the synthesizer within the music that works it's way into the mix without being too intrusive or overbearing. The time signatures on these songs have an interesting composition to them with excellent changes and well placed accents. The guitar and bass work is never lazy, always bringing something that's working it's way into you ears. By the end of "Vaznei" I can hear elements of prog rock, though, pulled off with a rawness and intensity that I love.

I probably could have done without the synth talkback track on "Ve Stracenych Casech Hledame Stopare". It has that "Speak and Spell" sound to it, that is sometimes tough to take seriously. The rest of the track works well though and has a bit more of an upbeat feel to it. The band also works well in the instrumental format. You can see during some extended instrumental breaks in "Kodex" where the band almost takes on a style reminding me of From Monument To Masses.

The closing Track, "Nad Ranem" has an uncompromising 9:24 run time. The first minute of the track sounds as though it's recorded in the room next door. With a slight pause around 1:15 the track returns to a proper mix and launches into an instrumental sound scape backed by busy drums. The bands detours here into some fusion sounds featuring a horn section and some wah-wah guitar work. About 5 minutes in the track takes a long pause which swells into about 4 minutes of feedback and noise to conclude the record.

Listen to it here.