Real Cops - Demo 2012

Real Cops is a band primarily from the Jersey Shore featuring members formerly of bands like Tear It Up, Staring Problem and Forward To Death. Lyrically this band is excellent. I love how the political content is specific and well delivered, covering topics like globalization, the occupy movement, war and certain ends of civilization.

Musically the band is similar to what you'd expect, considering their ex-bands and past scope of songwriting. There's plenty of fast paced action and we get it face first with the opening track "The Future Is Written". The band manages to throw us for a loop here and there, inserting some interesting stop/start pauses or off time drumbeats which are well placed in the song. Other tracks like "It's Only A Matter of Time" don't really deviate from the fast formula and as a result, didn't catch my ear quite as well.

"Death Squads" closes up shop with a mid tempo jaunt that may be a little too 80's sounding for my taste. The track ends abruptly at 1:11, mid measure. The production on the record is pretty gritty, but seems to translate the sound this band wants. The drum toms are a little loud in the mix and I could probably stand to hear the guitar be a little bit more high gain. The music is played well, but I think this would be great if the band could continue to mix their upbeat punk style with some more unconventional, off time parts. Similar to Teen Wolves and Altered Boys, I find the treasure in this music lies with the well written lyrics.

Listen to it here.