Silence Equals Death - Ressurection

Silence Equals Death is from Northern New Jersey. The band has a melodic hardcore sound similar to One Win Choice, Ignite and Rise Against, but at times their sound can move to something less melodic; hardcore taking on sounds like Trial or Endpoint.

The production quality leaves a little bit to be desired, but definitely brings you the music in a clear manner. High gain guitars and shouted vocals present a very clean style of songwriting, void of any feedback or discordance.

"Reparations" is a good opening track that lays out the variety that the band offers. Opening with some melodic octave chords then launching into a faster melody which had me thinking of Ignite quite a bit. The song evolves well and takes us from this melodic landscape to a nice rolling drum interlude featuring some spoken and subdued vocals that remind me of some of Rob Pennington's work in Endpoint. This is all followed by some more aggressive work with chugging guitars and stronger vocals. My main complaint here is the vocals on the melodic parts don't really work as well as the more intense shouting does.

I was impressed with the introspective melodic work opening up the song "Hero". The song takes off into the bands brand of hardcore complete with gang vocal shouts. "Never Surrender" begins and instantly reminds me of some Sick of it All material with it's chugging guitars, mid tempo drums and shouted vocal delivery. The song breaks for a second into their spoken melodic style, but not for long. This was probably my favorite track on the EP, it has a directness and pace that pulls you in.

Lyrically, Silence Equals Death split the songs between some political and personal narratives. My only problem is that the political lyrics are a bit general and vague in their subject matter. The band may be trying to capture a general feeling here, but I typical prefer things to be more specific.

Listen to it here.