Sled - Parasitic Host

Sled are from South Carolina and features members of the 90's hardcore outfit Assfactor 4. Upon listening this may sound like fast hardcore to most, but the knowledge and experience tends to shine through and give this a completely unique sound. With some angry political lyrics, high gain guitars and pounding drums, the songs are very well crafted and even insert a great melodic feel into each track.

"Parasitic Host" starts the record off and gives you an idea of the bands ability to mix d-beat, hardcore and some great guitar harmony to put together a well articulated sound. 54 seconds in the guitar work really stands out and shows you how these guys differ from other bands in the genre. Throughout the record you'll get more snapshots of this work. The very beginning of the next track "Point, Click, Capitalize" actually shows this off again. This track also shows the band also bend the time signatures a bit withing the standard fast format. It's an interesting technique and pulled off quite well. The album continues, 12 tracks total, and never lets up from this formula of unorthodox fast hardcore.

If you're looking for something fast that is a bit of a vacation from your typical d-beat or hardcore fare, you might enjoy this quite a bit. On each of my multiple listens I was able to pull certain things from each song that we're distinguishing. Whether you like fast hardcore, d-beat or just great melodic sensibility, you'll find something appealing about this band for sure.

Listen to it here.