Trenchfoot - S/T

Trenchfoot has a dark, fast and angry sound which can sometimes sound like d-beat, but for the most part has some great hardcore sensibilities. I find their sound very unique. There's a very dirty sound; feedback rings through every pause and the distorted bass roars underneath the songs. The vocals are an angry shout but translates some great urgency. Lyrically, the band seems to stay in the personal spectrum. The songs are a bit abstract, but overall have a feeling of defeat to them. The recording is dirty and loud, but it fits the sound and emphasizes what the band is going for.

After two listens I was glowing with excitement. This band has great song structure and in a sea of fast punk and hardcore bands it's quite refreshing to hear something like this. "Depleted Mind" rips the record off to a great start. The fast paced beginning drops into a breakdown, and then uses some hanging notes to takes things to a more intense place. "Amygdala Haunt" shows the band staying on the slower side, but nothing is lost. It's a hard hitting journey and only 48 seconds it makes it's point.

As the record moves with songs like "Days Like These", "Mr. Cellophane" and "Say No" (all with run times under 50 seconds) you get what I can only describe as a mix of Deadguy, Carry On, Tragedy and Breather Resist. It's interesting and does a good job of keeping your attention.

Things come to a close with "Dead As Always" and "Worthless" which both clock in over 1 minute long in contrast to most of the other tracks. "Dead As Always" has an amazing breakdown that keeps your head moving. The vocals are well placed and I can see myself singing along to a live performance. "Worthless" has an interesting beginning with some vocal highlights over some structured bass strums. I enjoy the non conventional way the drums kick in. The song provides a nice dynamic and ends the record very well.

I'm totally impressed. This is a band I must keep an eye out for.

Check it out here.