We Had a Deal - Three Songs

From Tübingen, Germany, We Had A Deal is an interesting type of hardcore that at times contains indie sensibilities. The mix is done well and these three songs shows use a seamless intermingling of musical styles that most bands would falter at.

"The Fine Art of Hating What You Do" has you thinking this band is going to present some hardcore in the vein of Soul Control or Have Heart. Perhaps they do that, but a minute later they are dropping into some guitar leads soaked in delay and reverb, all while the drums and bass are providing a disco-break beat. The vocals don't let up, but somehow it all works. They do this transition flawlessly once more and by the end of the song are even providing some gang vocal sing alongs.

"I Unlearned All the Songs We Used To Sing" brings the mood down with a slower into to start before they tactfully bring the tempo up with off beat drums. Before you know it we're back to the mid temp melodic pace we love about them. This song showcases yet another technique when the band unveils some chugging guitars into a tasteful breakdown. They bring us back to the melodic chorus before ending with some well emphasized drum chugs.

"Pianoman" starts with a full departure from any traditional hardcore influence they had and ranges more into a melodic waltz that maintains it's timing as it goes into an instrumental clean guitar interlude. They bring us to an epic ending chock full of dramatic chords and great dynamics.

This is the first I've heard from this band, and I have to say I am impressed with their versatility. It's unlike anything I've heard before and I am interesting hearing them go further in this direction.

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