Wet Witch - Ep

Wet Witch has members in New Jersey and Brooklyn. They play an interesting blend of straight forward punk with some very experimental detours which make the music much more interesting than the other bands in the genre. At times in may get a little too hip and rock n' roll for me, but other times these guys are showcasing some good talent.

"New Ways" opens the record with some electronic beats and controlled feedback. The song kicks in with some very interesting drum work featuring some quick rolls and tight, fast beats. The song opens up to a catchy chorus complete with some reverb laden vocals. This was my favorite song on the EP. The band has a good home with this approach and if they pursued it exclusively then I would probably be totally all in.

"Caught Up" was my least favorite track. It's mid tempo rock n' roll style has a little bit too much sass for me and I couldn't help but picture Brooklynites drinking pabst and swaying back and forth while trying not to look to excited as the band plays. Unfortunately, at 3 minutes, it's the longest track on the EP.

"Bad Insides" takes an interlude with some acoustic guitar and noise. It's a nice break and well executed. "Fuck with Fire" closes the record and takes us back to the style of "New Ways" with it's showcased, fast drumming. The band closes things out with a melodic breakdown which leaves a nice taste behind.

Lyrically, Wet Witch leans on the abstract pretty hard. The songs are well written, and leave a lot open for interpretation. This is my first time hearing Wet Witch, I'm sort of interested to see how this would translate in a live setting.

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