Wild Guess - Guesswork

Wild Guess have a very interesting sound. Their bright guitars and and interesting song structures are very distinguishable. It sounds similar to a bands like Stop It, but much, much better and more exciting.

"Jeans" kicks the record off with a track that is mostly instrumental. The work these guys are putting in here is great though, as we get some very interesting melodies and composition. 1 minute in come the vocals, which are a scream that falls right in the middle between underwhelming and intense. At times the vocals have a Pianos Become the Teeth vibe happening.

The second track, "What", takes a similar approach of laying down some instrumental prep before slowing down the tempo and bringing the vocals in. There's something very grand sounding about this one. The chords are nice and big, creating some great texture. The band shows off it's technical side about halfway through and once again we're reminded of their great musicianship. The vocals are abandoned at this point and don't lurk back until the song comes to a close with a nice, slow motion feeling.

"Again" has a powerful soundscape for it's intro before tightening things up with some stomping floor tom beats. A light bass break 1 minute in plots the band to blast in with an intensity of bright chords and screamed vocals. The dynamic is done well here. Once again, 30 seconds later, we come to a bass break, very reminiscent of Fugazi. This sets up the backbone for the proceeding introspective guitar riff.

"2nd" follows suit with a little over a minute of instrumentation before the vocals come into to a unsettling start/stop technique. The track is much slower and less dynamic than the others, not my ideal way of how they should have closed things out. Regardless, there are some great things happening here and I look forward to hear more.

Have a listen here.