Wolf Down - MMXI

I've been hearing a lot about Wolf Down, but just recently got a chance to check out their music. Wolf Down is a vegan straight edge hardcore band from Germany. The sound here is very traditional. There's not much deviation or experimentation happening and I find myself wanting to see the band take some chances. The recording quality is pretty on point, a heavy sound is translated quite well.

Lyrically the band focus on topics of environmental destruction, depression, working and authoritarianism. The vocals are a pretty powerful female fronted scream that never lets up. It's a well projected voice and possibly the one part that has this band sounding a little less traditional.

These four songs will give you a mix of fast hardcore, mid tempo two steps and chugging breakdowns. It's a little too traditional for me, but if this sounds like your cup of tea then you might be into it.

Listen here.