Worlds - Give Me Shelter

It's not often that I hear a hardcore band that can craft songs with a perfect balance between old and new styles, but these guys can. When I hear Worlds I think of older bands that I loved like Downcast and Undertow, but updated with a few modern twists of their own, at times sounding similar to Have Heart or Great Reversals. Seriously though, I can close my eyes and totally picture this on some old Ebullition records compilation.

"Involuntary Commitment" opens the record up with a palm muted buildup accented with some dramatic hits. The song busts in with a huge ring out and some very strong vocal attack. Right of the bat the band shows how both guitars and the bass split up to create some interesting texture at times. But, like a well engineered team, they can come back together when the times is right. "Entropy" starts off fast with a more traditional sound until the vocal break takes us in a stomping, slow hardcore direction. On parts of "Somniphone" I actually hear some Meantime-era Helmet sound happening, which is a little different from the previous three tracks.

Vocally, this never goes too over the top, but opts to remain in more of an angry shout. This adds to the Downcast/Undertow comparison I made earlier. Lyrically, Worlds seems to be in a very gloomy and desperate state. For the most part they stay on personal grounds, with the exception of the song "Three Worlds" which seems to address superficial youth culture.

The recording on this is just that right amount of rawness. It's not under produced, but it still maintains that little bit of grit to it that I like. Most notably, the bass has a great roar that provides a heavy foundation for the overall sound. The two guitars deviate from each other quite a bit and their tones compliment each other well. The drum work is tight and sort of typical for what you'd expect from this style.

This one is definitely getting some air time on my headphones. Check it out here.