Anti Venom - Too Sick To Save

Anti Venom comes to us from Boston and play some angry hardcore, however, not for lacking creativity or dynamics. Heavey, chugging guitars and angry vocals take up the soundscape here. The roomy drums and overdriven bass provide a good backbone. As a result this recording ends up sounding very full and open.

The songs go by fast, seldom breaking 2 minutes, but always delivering a wide range of tempos and textures. They include three segue tracks that seem to be strategically placed at times during the recording. For most part these are just feedback or notes that are ringing out, but they seem to provide something of a flow to the record.

"Proof of Pain" is one of the longer tracks that showcases the band doing some more upbeat material while seamlessly transitioning into some creative breakdown strategies. When you think they've finished it off, they take it up a notch and send things to a fast speed, thrashy hook. "Dead Weight" closes the record up with a 3 minute look into some of the band's best work. I appreciate the times when this band opts to not to go all out and just let the guitars ring and the drums take center stage. There's a bit of a 90's hardcore feel at times due to these moments and I think it does well in creating more emphasis on the bruiting breakdowns.

Lyrically, Anti Venom stays angry with songs about dredging up the past, abusing substances and depression. I have to say, the vocal placement here is a big part of the band's execution. There's some great emphasis on this held out screams that accentuate the desperation well.

Listen to it here.