Avoider - Mountain of Spite

Remember back in about 2005 when that band The Darkness came out and brought high pitched glam vocals back to the mainstream? There was this huge surge of people saying "Holy shit! That guy's voice!". Almost like we all forgot what glam rock sounded like. I suppose when I put on "Cut My Teeth" I had a similar reaction, mostly because I didn't expect to hear something like this from ex-members of Northern New Jersey ska-metal captains, Folly.

Nonetheless, Avoider sounds like glam rock, but without the guitar solos. It has some of the hardcore/punk sensibilities that make it sound like a group of hardcore musicians playing glam rock though. At times the singer even breaks character and lets out some aggressive yelling over the stomping two step nature of the music. There's also some moments of all out screaming that come out of left field.

The production is very good on this, with every instrument at a very balanced volume. So, if some Sick of It All riffs with Brent Michaels singing over them sound good to you then teez your hair, thrown on a pair of leather pants and enjoy.

Listen here.