Banquets - Top Button, Bottom Shelf

Banquets come to us from Jersey City, New Jesery. They have a very clean melodic sound, using some nice vocal harmonies to create some texture. At times this is very radio friendly, and other times there's some nice creativity that subtly shows some very competent musicianship. The production is very clean and translates the band as having little to no grit in their presentation.

There's points throughout these songs where I can picture this band falling into the "Alternative Press" batch, due to it's cleanliness. Other times I see how this band might have something in common with New Brunswick classics like Scream Hello or maybe even Marathon.
Songs like "Just me and My Cacseco Rookie Card" and "Forever Bender" have some interesting time signatures and drum work. It doesn't sound forced here at all and the band still manages to layer their brand of flowing melodics over the arrangement.

Other Songs Like "Best Night of the Night" and "Fireplug" keep things up beat and moving in standard timing. For the most part you're going to get some catchy melodic work here though that this is pretty straight forward and doesn't deviate. It's done well, so if this is up your alley you will probably find yourself singing along.

Check it out here.