Burn Idols - Theodicy

Burn Idols is from California and play a brand of crust/doom hardcore with dual vocals, not unlike Ressurrectionist. The recording quality leaves a lot to be desired here as it doesn't really translate the band's power very well.

The first track opens with a 2 minute instrumental featuring some nice reverb ladden clean guitar. The slide guitar work here emphasizes the relaxing feel of the piece and I thought it worked very well. However, the intro ends and the band begins their venture into their more chaotic and heavy fare.

At first listen it's pretty unimpressive. Perhaps it's the low, growling vocal, which doesn't do much to jump out at you. As the tracks go on and the higher vocal is blended into the mix, you begin to get a better idea of how this picture is supposed to be painted. By the time track 4, "It Fosters a Disconnection", comes along I was thinking that things were starting to make sense. The barrage of blast beats and chaotic guitar all started to fall into place. The music is good but just suffers from some production flaws.

Check it out here.