Call It Arson - The Animal Strings

Call It Arson are an indie rock band from Connecticut who have been around for quite some time, with intervals (sometimes years) of inactivity to regroup. This release just recently came out via Red Scroll Records and is a pretty find indication that the band is interested in making a full comeback to activity. This, very beautiful, gate fold record contains 6 songs that display the band's musical venture pretty well.

"Eliza" opens the record with a beautiful dual vocal acoustic composition. It has a grit to it that keeps it from sounding to overproduced and translates a nice bit of authenticity. "The Unmanagable Surperstate" has a rock and roll vibe (complete with harmonica solo) that is broken up with some uber political lyrics, eerie feedback and quivering strings. The vocals harmonies are delivered pretty flawlessly here and could probably make a fun of even the most straight laced top 40 listener. "Animal Strings" starts off on a slower note, but soon shows the band taking things upbeat, at times reminding me of 90's alternative rock. The song culminates with a "breakdown" of sorts which relies heavily on some fuzz-laden guitar.

Side B kicks off with "On The RUn" which continues to remind me of the 90's alternative rock; here I can't a Gin Blossoms comparison out of my head. "Places" starts of with a deceptively upbeat, peppy guitar riff that leads the band in on a slower, powerful groove. The song takes us for a journey, more so than the previous songs we've heard so far. There's a good deal of tempo and part changes here, that take the band out of any kind of standard rock formula here. "Hoopin and Humpin" takes the record to a close with a lyrical ode to various towns in Connecticut, talking on a very folk/country vibe to it.

Take a listen here.