Calvaire - Rigorisme

It's just a coincidence that today I am doing write ups for two bands from France. Calvaire come to us from Laval, France and feature members of Birds In a Row and As We Draw. I can't help but just say this sounds a lot like Converge. The guitar has that low gain, yet bright, sound that seems to be getting more popular with bands like this. The vocals pretty much sound straight like newer converge material. So, if you're a fan of new Converge, you'll probably like this...or be angry at the similarities. I'll let you decide.

Songs like "Gratitude", "Castration" and "Blut" fire away powerfully but insert moments of sludge and off time chaos. "Alzheimer" starts off slower and creates a pretty dark, eerie sound with clean guitars and dirty bass. The drums take pause before returning with a pummeling wall of noise. The dynamic is a nice change and you'll find yourself banging your head to the breakdown later in the song.

The recording quality on this doesn't quite present the picture the way I think it should be. There's certain aspects of it that maybe sound a bit muffled and at times there are some volume issues. For such a bright guitar sound, I thought it may shine through a bit more.

Have a listen.