Chest Pain - S/T 7"

Chest Pain are from Texas and have a knack for creating very short hardcore songs that blast in and out with anger and precision. Bordering on "power violence" but there's a bit more here than usual. The music has a bit of a lower gain feel than what's typical of this genre, but at times it works to their advantage when the guitarist is playing open chords.

The first thing about Chest Pain I noticed was the vocals; I couldn't stand them. Maybe it's just that the opening track allows for them to be the forefront of the song, but it's almost intolerable at first. Once the record blasts off they seem to fold into the mix a little better and become more a part of the music. I take that back, I can't stand the vocals on the first song.

If you're a fan of some fast, aggressive hardcore then Chest Pain will give you everything that your heart desires. They leave for a West Coast tour of the United States this summer, so check them out.

Check it out here.