Code Orange Kids - Cycles

I've been seeing this band's name everywhere so I figured it was time to sit down and give it a listen. Code Orange Kids play a brand of heavy hardcore that encompasses some interesting song structure and transitions. It's refreshing in that it's not the traditional fare in terms of song writing, and in fact had me thinking of a band like Trenchfoot due to it's unconventional style. The vocals have a desperate, high pitch sound to them, which also adds to a more chaotic sound.

Songs like "Cycles" and "Walls" bust in and show the band pulling off a dirty, heavy soundscape. "Salavage/Fold" breaks things up a bit with a clean guitar interlude before things go back to the fast, trashy, Converge-like "Give". I wasn't a huge fan of the lower growling vocals that kicked in about halfway through. "Talk" finishes things up as the band's 4:29 opus. It goes through a range of styles and dynamics, starting off slow and sludgy, leading to a clean interlude with strained vocals, reminiscent of some Touche Amore material, actually. The song unconventionally stops for a vocal break and then allows the guitar to take the band back in. It's a strange sequence and I give them credit for going out of the box here.

I'm definitely impressed with what I'm hearing. It's varied and exciting hardcore that doesn't seem to follow any formula. I'll have to catch them live and see how this translates.

Check it out here.