Coyote - Demo 2012

Coyote is an interesting name for a hardcore band. I keep thinking of the Road Runner cartoons from when I was younger. This band comes to us from Winninpeg and play a heavy style of hardcore full of angry breakdowns and intense shouting.

For the most part you can hear every instrument in the mix and everything is pretty well represented. The vocals seem to have alternate between higher and lower. I can't tell if it's one vocalist or if there is some sort of trade off happening here. It breaks things up though and makes a bit of a dynamic. There's no lyrics availableon the bandcamp page, I would be interested to know what this band seems so angry about.

Musically you're going to get 6 songs of hardcore that remains mostly in the mid tempo neighborhood, though has a way of keeping things from getting mundane. There are some exceptions (Check out "Masks/Mirors" for some faster material). It's very modern sounding at times and almost falls into that tough guy sound once in a while. Luckily the interesting part changes and blown out vocal style save this from going that route.

Check it out here.