Damaged Goods - Demo 2012

I saw Damaged Goods play a few weeks ago and was pretty impressed with the potential that the band had. This two piece band from New Jersey are very young and appear to be very enthusiastic. At the show the guitarist was playing out of a small combo amp though, which it made it a bit hard to hear and took away from the overall power.

The recording clears up the problems with the guitar and translates some heaviness. While the production is not perfect, it's definitely aggressive and shows what the band is capable of. I'm digging this mainly for it's use of a variety of speeds, sounds and styles within the song writing. There's some songs that take a more traditional hardcore sound ("Necessary Violence") and others that have a more varied sound of power violence mixed with some tasteful breakdowns (see "Retrospect" and "My Beliefs"). "Super Bunny and Wonder Kitty" was my favorite track for it's chaotic intro and catchy two step landing. The grueling breakdown that finishes up "J.C.E." brings the demo to a close as it fades under some ambient noise.

The lyrical style is reflective of the age of the band members; meaning the songs are written pretty basic. Though, the ideas of maintaining self respect and ideals are present and important to this band. I'm impressed with their honesty and delivery here. This is the first "young" hardcore band I've been excited about in some time.

Listen to it here.