Damages - Indignation

As far as I know there are at least 3 bands that I've come in contact with using the name "Damages". This is the most recent one I've seen and they come to us from Vancouver. Damages play a screamy and intense style of hardcore that can be be distinguished by some shiny bass tone and interesting drum work. There's guitar in there, but it seems to take second stage to the enormous bass sound. Vocally, there's a strained scream that falls into a desperate spoken word form time to time.

At times Damages reminds me of some of their Canadian counterparts like Mahria due to their subtle melodic overtones. At other times Damages are reaching into a different place, reminiscent of heavier mid 2000s bands like Majority Rule."Plea Bargain" shows some other versatility about 2:40 in, with a heart wrenching vocal into some introspective clean guitar that winds the song down. It's truly beautiful in it's execution. The opening to "Vanity" even had me thinking of Deadguy for a second for it's use of lo-fi recording to transition into the powerful wall of noise.

Clearly, you this a band that you had have some trouble boxing into a single genre or sound. Regardless, it's some great and powerful stuff.

Listen to it here.