Dirtdrinker - S/T

A busy, but awesome weekend has only left me time to do 2 reviews today. I apologize, I'll be back on track tomorrow!

Dirtdrinker is from Scotland. They play some interesting and experimental hardcore that had me thinking of bands like Botch, Anodyne and Breather Resist.

The recording production could use a little cleaning up, but the heaviness of the delivery comes across well. The vocals seem to have a distortion effect on them that adds to the blown out, fuzzy sound of the production.

"Plaguescape" takes a note from the Botch handbook with it's downtuning about three quarter way through the song. It makes for a crushing ending despite the obvious similarity. There's some pretty explosive drum work throughout these songs and "Wastewalker" will take you through a range of impressive drum runs with some nice guitar work to compliment things up front. "Husks" finishes up strong with a crushing breakdown about halfway through. The end fades out with a sample giving some background into the issues discussed lyrically I suppose.

Check it out here.