Dying - History of Nothing

Dying is a new vegan straight edge band from Philadelphia. Their sound is similar to bands like Chokehold and Abandon, but perhaps works in a bit of Catharsis at times as well. The production could use a little brightening up, but you can get a good feel for each instrument pretty well.

Each song seems to do pretty well at showcasing the bands ability to use varied tempos and dynamics. Within each compisition is a package
of fast parts mixed with some interesting breakdowns, melodic guitar work and some moshier riffs. "In Cages" and "Waxwings" even show the band employing some blast beats and speed picking guitar.

Lyrically the band covers a good deal of ground. Animal rights, atheism, earth liberation and death are all touched on with some pretty well written words here. ere. A great first batch of songs from this new band.

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