Glass Rivers - Demo 2012

Glass Rivers has a very subdued sound that never really gets too out of control. I guess you can say this has some elements of shoe gaze but perhaps with a little bit more focused song structure.

The recording production is pretty well done and compliments this style of music well. The vocals have a very droning quality to them that mixes into the reverb ladden guitars as they stretch out across the songs.

"An Ordinary Place" opens with gritty guitar chord progression leading the way. The vocals abruptly charge in, off key but tolerable, with the drums not far behind. Things stay pretty mid tempo throughout and the band presents it's mild form a song writing to you with this first 4 minute effort. I'm not floored, but it's not bad by any means.

"In Time" is carried for about 3 minutes with just guitar and vocals. It's segued with an e-bow feedback break before the drums anticlimactically draw in. The song does a good job of building though from this point and we get a good idea of the band's quiet power here.

Listen to it here.