Grudges - DEMOlition 2011 Cassette

Grudges are a death metal band with some hardcore influences. They come from Brooklyn, New York and feature some ex and current members of Death First and Terror Level Red. I've seen this band live a few times and they've blown me away every single time. I'm not a huge fan of the death metal growl vocals though, which are very apparent on this recording.

These songs are very well crafted, featuring quick changes and some very interesting musicianship that showcases that these guys do indeed have some great chops. The recording could use some cleaning up, as the drums get a little lost at times. For the most part Grudges will keep your head spinning with some fast paced songs featuring some death metal usuals (blast beats, chugging guitar and double bass) along with some traditional hardcore influence (see the gang vocal and breakdown in "Routine to Ashes, Torment to Dust").

"Marylin" shows the band taking a time out to engage some bruiting guitars and sledgy chug riffs. You would think a track like this would sound out of place among the whirlwind guitar runs and lightening fast drums commonplace in the other tracks; however this sits just right in conveying another dimension to the band.

The lyrics seem to stay in the political spectrum, addressing the World Bank, Labor and War. Check these guys out if you're like me and haven't decided to totally get on the death metal train..but perhaps need a band like this to help with the transition.

Check it out here.