Just Die - A Momentary Lapse in Positive Thinking

Just Die is a hardcore band from North Carolina. In their own words: "Without a doubt, this is our best, and shortest album to date. Written over the course of the past couple of tours these songs represent a lot of the stuff we've had to shovel. From songs about not being so posi to rediscovering our innocence and sense of wonder, this album is the closest we can come to letting you really get to know us without coming over and hanging out. We're super proud of this and we hope you guys love it as much as we do. We recorded this with Evan Bradford and a ton of our friends in Asheville, NC."

For the most part, Just Die remind me of that modern Boston/Bridge 9 style of hardcore that is very angry. It takes some of the traditional tricks from hardcore's past and adapts them with a new modern sound. They also seem to have songs on here that abandon all that and try to run with more of a Kid Dynamite style of fast and melodic hooks.

The production on here is very well done, translating a big sound. I'm not totally floored here, but it's not bad by any means.

Listen to it here.