Landscapes - Reminiscence

Landscapes have that modern hardcore sound that carries some high gain guitars coupled with an interesting vocal style that lends itself to creating a more dramatic effect. There's traces of Have Heart, Modern Life is War, Verse and some other bands that tend to lean on the more melodic side of the spectrum.

The production here is done very well. It has that large room sound on the drums, featuring a snappy bass drum and reverb heavey snare. The guitars and bass have a nice balance to them, just beneath the scream/shout vocals.

From the start of "Overcast" you can hear the similarities to the band's I mentioned earlier. The aggressive, yet melodic intro of the song seems to cover that ground pretty well before it goes into a
more traditional drum roll seq-way into some fast hardcore. The band gets you familiar with their sound, taking you through a few different tempos and soft/loud transitions.

There's some great dynamics created here emphasizing parts that are filled with dramatic movements (see "Take Me Home" for it's palm muting pause). "Silhouette" also has a great waltz timing in it's beginning that breaks the mold from the previous time signatures and bass outro. There's also a interlude here with the title track "Reminiscence", which employs an instrumental buildup featuring voice samples over top. It leads right into the closing track "Love Alone"
pretty seamlessly. They close things up on the track with an introspective, melodic breakdown that has some pretty spine chilling dynamics.

Have a listen here.