Le Dead Projet - Keep On Living

Le Dead Projet are from Paris, France and play some aggressive and chaotic hardcore. At times I hear some similarities to Botch, Converge and Millions of Them. However, Le Dead Projet have a few curve balls in mind using some melodic clean guitar to break things up and perhaps create some epic interludes in the vein of Funeral Diner and Envy.

The recording quality is excellent here. There's a full sound that makes the band seem like they are taking up the whole room. My only complaint is there is some sort of reverb effect on the vocals that creates a strange vibe. I can look past it since it's not mixed very loud, but it is of some note. It seems more apparent on the deeper vocal parts.

You'll hear some other experimental musicianship here featuring some interesting stop/start riffs and even some slide guitar. The addition of some feedback and noise is pretty subtle and mixes in quite nicely too. The longer run time on the songs allows for the songs to explore a variation of moods, taking you on a journey with each track.

"The Beauty" works a spoken word interlude about half way through which is first from the band up until this point. It's executed well and I found myself wanting to hear this happen more often. The use of semi-melodic vocals on some of these songs (see "I Withdraw" or "In and Out" for an example) is also done nicely. It's in no way polished and comes off very genuine. Of particular note on these tracks is the tight and creative drum work that serves as a powerful back bone for the band.

Listen to it here.