Lincoln - S/T

It was 1994 and I was mainly listening to either fast hardcore like Youth of Today and Uniform Choice or heavier hardcore like Undertow and Unbroken. Lincoln was the first band that I heard that positioned hardcore in a light that used noise and discord to translate their sound. It was almost like taking the alternative rock of the 90's and making raw and accessible.

The two songs on this record opened the door for me to get into bands like Frail, Elements of Need, among others. The very distinguishable characteristic of this band for me was the vocal style. I was immediately drawn to the higher pitch of the scream, though it still carried melody. Back this up with some great drumming, creative guitar work and excellent bass tone..and you had a recipe for success.

Unfortunately I couldn't find these songs hosted online anywhere, so I temporarily uploaded them for your consumption. The link will be active until March 16th. So get it now!

Click here to download.