Lord Snow - Sovngarde

I reviewed the Lord Snow debut back in January. This is their follow up called "Sovngarde" and it doesn't disappoint at all. If you're not familiar, Lord Snow is from Chicago and play a brand of hardcore that is reminiscent of Ampere, Mahria and For Want Of. You can call this "screamo" I suppose, but there's definitely more happening here that supersedes the label.

Compared to their debut, the production on "Sovngarde" is much brighter and intense. There's a bit more clarity in terms of hearing the full instrumental scope. There's some impressive musicianship here laced with noisy feedback and chaotic screaming.

The first track, "He's Clearly Made the Most of It", doesn't follow the Lord Snow formula we've come to know. The introduction is a bit subdued and the delivery more traditional. We don't see the song take flight until about 45 seconds in when the chaotic drums and noodling guitar start going at full speed. "Oh, How The Wine Talks" follows up with it's half spoken/half screamed vocals that follows the dynamics of the ringing guitar pretty well.

The speed picking of "The Dastardly Halves" seems to take on some metal influence but applying it to the band's melodic style. The song flies by quickly, but not without a good display of songwriting. "Alas, The World Stops Spinning" closes things up as the longest track on the release. The song takes all the aspects of this band's musical cannon and applies them pretty seamlessly. It's a great journey of chaotic, off time runs mixed with some more subdued guitar work that let's the vocals take center stage. The drum work on this track are off some particular note for their creativity.

Listen to it here.