Marnost / Seeds in Barren Fields - Split

Marnost comes to use from the Czech Republic and contributes a 13 minute epic to their side of this split. The song has quite a bit of time to run a gambit of tempos. Marnost is giving us something very similar to bands like Ressurectionist, Gattaca and Remek. The soundscape is very dense with a heavy melodic over tone. I suppose one would put this in the "doom metal" category for it's song length, speed picking-to-sludge transitions and deep, airy vocals. It seems this style has two speeds: blast beats and sludge. They contrast each other well and it makes for some interesting layering when the guitars are playing slow while the drums blast away.

Seeds in Barren Fields are from Sweden. They "out time" Marnost with their 16 minute track (if we were comparing the two for "most epic" award here). Marnost has a bit of a clearer sound in translating their brand of heaviness. There also seems to be a little more room for mid tempo parts in their cannon as compared to Marnost. The melodic, dark mood is still there though. The vocals are a bit more of a throaty scream which reminded me more of some melodic metal vocal styles I've heard. There's the same attention to speed picking here, but it also is used over some mid tempo and d-beat style drums which add some nice dimension. We even get a nice spoken word part in the middle, around 9 minutes that has a very 90's hardcore vibe to it.

What you're going to get here is two bands that are on a journey to achieve that perfect epic doom metal compisition. If you hunger for the long songs and dramatic melodies, check this out.

Check out Marnost here.

Check out Seeds in Barren Fields here.