A Message From Your Author - March Review

As March comes to an end I realize that every now and then I won't be able to do my total 3 reviews a day. It happens. You may have noticed a couple times where you got 2 reviews (or none at all), and I am deeply sorry. But never fear, my commitment does not wain!

I just may be taking the blog a little more organically from now on, in that I review things as they come to me. I've had a policy from day one to try not to review stuff I can't stand. This blog could be totally full of releases that are total crap, having me slam them for their unoriginality and such. However, I really want to aim at reviewing stuff that I can honestly say something good about. "Quality or quantity..a choice you have to make."

March has been a good month though and here are my top picks for what I've reviewed in these past 30 days of abnormally high temperatures:

Best Practices - The EP LP. Making melodic punk with that hardcore influence. Very 90's, almost like Jawbreaker meets Assfactor 4.

Code Orange Kids - Cycles. It took me a while to jump on board and see what the hype was about. The band is good and pretty original.

Beau Navire / Republic of Dreams - split 7". I found myself enjoying Republic of Dreams much more, but Beau Navire is no slouch.

Dirtdrinker - S/T. I am a sucker for that off time, Botch-esque sound. This provides that, though I wish the recording was better.

Damaged Goods - Demo. If you're 15 and making hardcore like this then I can't wait to see what you're doing in 5 years.

Fess Elliot - Real. The folkier stuff on this release has an authentic, natural sound that I really love.