No Silence - The Last Recording

No Silence was a band from Northern New Jersey that came to an end in 2003. I was recently sent a link to this recording by their former singer, Kerdiz. It made me think of how strange it is; living in New Jersey I never heard too much of this band when they were together. Somehow this got me to thinking once again about how, despite it's relatively small size, New Jersey has multiple hardcore scenes that never seem to cross over.

No Silence have a sound you wouldn't hear much of today; by comparison to today's typical hardcore fare, No Silence really present a time when things were a bit more varied and less formulaic. The notey, palm muted guitar is at the forefront here in setting the direction for the sound. In terms of tone it's a very metallic guitar, but retains some elements of melodic, raw punk. The band jumps around a bit with the use of different timings and grooves. At times this really reminds me of Iconoclast and some older, heavier, Ebullition Records bands.

The vocals take on some interesting characteristics, but mostly maintain an over the top scream that translates some power. Every now and then there's some tight spoken word that borders on a little too much sassiness (see "If this is how I die I'm gonna kick your ass in hell" or "Where'd you get that necklace with those diamonds in it" for an example) .

The production quality here could use some tweaks, mainly, the drums. I think this drummer is executing some nice technique so it would great to get a better mix there. The blast beats and double bass on these songs is pretty flawless with a great, subtle use of ride bell.

Check it out here.