Parasitic Skies / Losing Skin - Split LP

Losing Skin takes on more of a modern metal/hardcore crossover influence, at times sounding like it could fit in with Suburban Scum, Terror and bands of that genre (see "Time Crawling By Me" for the best example of this). There's also some darker hardcore influence that borders on d-beat at times (see the beginning of "Depressor").

The production quality is a little dark. With a bit of bright mastering I think the guitars would shine through a little more. The tones are pretty thick though and overall it sounds very full. The vocals are an intense scream that seem to fall a little on the tougher sounding side of things.

Parasitic Skies is a vegan straight edge band from Seattle, Washington. They follow suit with a more modern hardcore/metal crossover sound as well, but perhaps leaning on the hardcore side a bit more. Throughout these 2 songs you'll get an attack of chug ladden guitar riffs. There's really no deviation, as the guitar remains in the "moshier" realm of things for the duration, with no higher register playing. Though, the melodic sensibility in "The Throat of the Sleeping Sun" added some variation and perhaps more of this would help to break things up a bit. You can sample "The Void" and "The Throat of the Sleeping Sun" on the their bandcamp page. The record is not out yet, but will be up for pre order soon via Headfirst Records.

Listen here.