Potty Mouth - Dead Air Session

This is the first I'm hearing from Potty Mouth, an all female indie band from Massachusetts. The sound is very smooth, melodic indie that has some punk sensibilities. I kind of wish the recording was a little brighter, as the guitars could probably pop out just a bit more.

The first two tracks, "Harzardville" and "Drip-Dry", show an up beat smooth style with some very interesting guitar work and steady, powerful drumming. The vocals glide over the music and create some extremely catchy hooks. "Superfriends" takes on that 90's riot girl vocal style that I found to be grating and uncomplimentary; which is a shame because the music itself lends out some excellent chord progressions. The band gets back on track with "Kids" and despite the intermittent yelps on "Dog Song" the vocals pull off an amazing chorus, emphasized by some great lead guitar work.

The band closes up with "Girls XL" which keeps the upbeat tone and haunting melodies up to par. All in all, I enjoyed this demo quite a bit and would be interested to see how these songs come across live.

Listen to it here.