Something About Death or Dying - S/T

I recently was informed of this band's existence because they'll be appearing on the One Hour From Anywhere compilation coming up in a few months. Something About Death or Dying are from Jersey City, New Jersey and play a heavy brand of hardcore that seems to take influence from bands like Coalesce and Botch.

The vocal delivery here is the only thing I'm not completely sold on. I can't help but be reminded of those mid level metal/hardcore crossover bands like Lamb of God or something like that. It's the kind of vocal style I'm not terribly fond of.

Besides that, the music is heavy and lively. Tempo changes and interesting segues are applied on a regular basis. The only exception tot his being the final track "Lone Wolf" which stays pretty mid tempo the entire time, create more of an epic, bruiting soundscape. The guitar tone is a nice change because it lacks that over saturation that many heavier bands of this genre fall victim to. Instead, you get a pretty full sound with bright bass tone and glowing guitar.

Listen to it here.