Swallowed Up - This Is, and Goddamn Is It

Swallowed Up is sadly no longer a band, but this record still holds up even in their absence. The formula for this band is very unique. Upon first hearing them I felt like someone had take the guitar tone of Ampere, the hardcore sensibilities of Carry On and the vocal style of some older, raw punk and put all these influence together.

These 11 songs have a nice play of tempos and styles. The blazing, fast parts almost have a Portraits of Past feel to them, perhaps due to the melancholy melody of the chords and minimal notes in the progression. But don't think it stops there. Swallowed Up seems to enjoy their two step parts providing a very traditional hardcore stomp (see "Inadequate") and tastefully placed gang vocal chants. You'll also get moments of quiet, clean guitar (see "No I Do Not Welcome The New Year").

Members of swallowed Up have since played in Host, End Of Year and Troubled Sleep. These songs are a great documentation of a moment of time that shouldn't be passed up.

Download it here.