Tempest - Solace

The second I hit the play button this band pummeled me. Tempest has a hard hitting, dense, dark sound that is so thick and heavy it almost knocked me over. The production on this is pretty spot on to convey some nice, full sound.

Tempest is from Vancouver and play some dark hardcore that seems to have influences ranging from Tragedy to Buried Inside to One Eye God Prophecy. The presentation is epic and grand, using some very foreboding melodies to translate further their dark sound. I enjoy the guitarists use of octave chords at points and it almost has me recalling some Orchid material.

Delay effects seem to be tastefully inserted to some of the guitar work to create a more textured and layered sound over appropriate parts. The vocals have an incoherent scream that sits just inside of the mix, where I like it. "Solace II" features a clean guitar interlude about 3 minutes in that builds up nicely, bringing in distorted guitar and drums with some unconventional tactics. Overall an impressive display of musicianship and song structure here.

Check it out here.