Ten Thousand Leagues - Demo

Ten Thousand Leagues are from California and play a melodic form of hardcore that could possibly get filed in the "screamo" cabinet. However, this has a very raw sound and I think I could best compare mixing Lord Snow with Touche Amore, then dashing a bit of 90s hardcore on top.

The production here is raw but you can hear everything pretty well. There's a very warm sound to the mid gain guitars that translates a perfect level of brightness without sounding tinny or abrasive. The vocals go back and forth between a strained shout and an over the top scream. There's some tasteful use of violin or viola in "Timepiece" which accents the momentary clean intro.

These songs, for the most part, are a great exercise in chaos, speed and precision. There's fast changes that keep you on your toes. "Forfeit This Routine" starts out on the heavy end of things and shows the band's ability to break out of the melodic chaos that they've proved to be proficient at.

Lyrically, the band seems to keep things somewhat abstract, though the song "Blank Scripture" is clearly taking a stance against organized religion. They're very well written and well placed through the songs. I hope to hear more from this band.

Have a listen here.